Faculty and staff members

Faculty and staff requiring support should lodge an application for support through the disability support implementation officer in their department/division. Each department/division provides support in collaboration with the Disability Services Office (DSO). If you don’t know who the ぺperson in charge as disability support implementation officer is in your department/division, or if you want more information about the support available, please contact the DSO.

Flow of support
1.The support implementation officer from the relevant department/division provides the faculty/staff member which requiring support with information about the university’s support system and the DSO.

2.If you would like to request support, please speak with your department/division’s disability support implementation officer or the DSO.

3.After receiving your request, an arrangement for a meeting willbe held with the faculty/staff member which requiring support, the support implementation officer, staff from the DSO, and any other people involved. An explanation of the support system will be given, and the faculty/staff member’s requirements will be confirmed, afterwards, the parties will discuss the type of support needed for the faculty/staff member’s work and the methods for providing this support.

4.Faculty/staff members with disabilities should submit an ‘Application for Disability Support’ to the support implementation officer in their department/division. The support implementation officer uses this form to create a ‘Support Implementation Plan’, and submits copies of these two documents to the DSO.
Download the Application for Disability Support ドキュメントファイル

5.After the support has begun, the support implementation officer discusswith the DSO regularly to confirm the status of the support and make adjustments to the type of support if needed.

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