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Support Staff Recruiting

The Office for Disability Equity (ODE) is always seeking Tokyo University students who would like to work as support staff. Support staff register with the ODE, and provide support to students with disabilities. If you are interested, please contact the ODE. Even if you are not able to commence work immediately, please feel free to register your details with us. See here for how to register, details of the support given, and the flow of support staff activity.

■ Details:

Example activity 1: Support for a student with a hearing impairment

Support that involves converting the information presented orally in a class into text, to convey it to a student with a hearing impairment who is taking this course. This can be done through computer-assisted captiong, where the support staff types the class contents and other orally presented information onto a computer, regular note taking, where the support staff writes information down on paper, or note creation, where the support staff summarizes key points from the class. (See here for more details)
For in-class support, we will ask your availability for the semester, and if your schedule allows, have you support the hearing-impaired student throughout the course.

Example activity 2: Support for a student with a hearing impairment or an orthopedic/mobility impairment

Support that involves digitizing books or paper documents so that, for example, a visually-impaired student can use text-to-speech software or the zoom function on a computer to read them, or so that a student with an upper body disability who cannot turn pages easily can read the text on a computer screen. After scanning the printed matter to process it as an image, if necessary OCR software is used to convert it to text data, and then amendments and layout adjustments are made.
When a student with a disability requests digitization of a document, we will send out an email seeking support, and have you work on the task in one-hour blocks.

Other individual support may be requested depending on the disabled students’ needs.

■Location: Komaba I Campus, Hongo Campus


Category A-1: Human support activities which require high expertise and certain level of skills
1,700 yen per hour

CategoryA-2 : Human support activities
1,500 yen per hour

Category B: All other support activities
1,120 yen per hour


<Category A-1>
1. The supporter must be a student enrolled in a doctoral course, and the person requiring support must be a faculty member or a student enrolled in a doctoral course.
2. The support must be related to an educational or research activities (to be determined by the department).
3. The application must meet the requirements of 1. and 2. above and be approved by the head of the Office.
* All three of the above criteria must be satisfied.

<Category A-2>
Other than Category A-1

(Transportation costs are not covered unless the support activity is conducted at the campus the support staff does not attend, in which case the cost of transport between campuses will be covered. For in-class support, an extra two hours’ worth of wages will be paid to cover preparation time and clean up time.)

■How to apply: Please call or e-mail the ODE.

■Note: Please note that you are not allowed to be a support staff member in a class that you are enrolled in.

[Contact address]
Hongo Branch Office: 03 (5841) 1715
Komaba Branch Office: 03 (5465) 8944

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