Support Measures for Students with developmental disorder and mental disorder

●Consideration for exams
If the student is unable to sufficiently demonstrate his or her abilities in the exam, please consider accommodations such as extending the exam duration, letting the student take the exam in a separate room, allocating a reserved seat, communicating the points of caution in writing, and adjusting methods of presenting exam questions and answering the exam.

Alternative evaluation methods
If the student is not able to sufficiently demonstrate his or her capabilities through the evaluation methods for the class (such as written exams or reports), please consider giving the student an alternative evaluation method.

●Extension of submission deadlines
If the student has difficulty completing an assignment before the given deadline, please consider allowing an extension.

●Permission to leave and re-enter the room
If it is difficult for the student to remain in the same room until a class or exam is over, please consider permitting the student to leave the room during the class or exam. Please also consider permitting them to re-enter, as long as certain conditions are met.

●Alternatives fordiscussions and practical exercises
If it is difficult for the student to participate in discussions and practical exercises in the manner determined manner for the class (e.g. with groups of other students), please consider an alternative participation method (e.g. individually) for the student. If necessary, please also consider priority course registration.

Reserving a priority in the classroom
If the student is not able to learn effectively unless in a certain seat, please consider reserving a priority seat for the student in the classroom.

●An educational environment with more visual aids
If the student does not understand the lesson well just by listening to the lecture, please consider arrangements such as the use of visual materials or increased use of visual information.

●Adjusting teaching methods
If it is difficult for the student to take action on an assignment by sorting through lots of information and making predictions, teaching staff should consider adjusting their teaching methods. Adjustments would include giving specific instruction, advance instruction, providing samples, and breaking down the assignment.

●Assigning a teaching assistant or support staff
If the teacher in charge does not have enough time to spend on adjusting teaching methods or preparing an environment with visual aids, please consider assigning a teaching assistant or support staff.

●Assisting with progress management
If the student finds it difficult to set priorities and take action on an assignment, and finds it difficult to complete the assignment, please consider assisting the student with progress management.

●Assisting with communication
If the student cannot sufficiently convey his or her thoughts to teaching staff, or doesn’t understand others’ intentions in conversations, please allow an expert to interpret the communication between the student and the teaching staff.

●Permission to use ear plugs
If the student is sensitive to stimuli and finds it difficult to concentrate and complete tasks in class or during exams, please permit the use of items to help adjust incoming stimuli such as ear plugs.

●Guaranteeing information accessibility
If it is difficult for the student to pay attention to the blackboard, or the student is unable to obtain the necessary information because, for example, the important lecture contents or points for exams cannot be understood, please consider guaranteeing the necessary information through methods such as copying the blackboard’s contents, handing out visual materials, or explaining content orally.

●Consideration for disorders of physical functions
If the student has problems during class or exams because of a physical disorder arising from a mental disorder or the use of a drug treatment, please consider making accommodations for this physical function disorder.

●Consideration for gender dysphoria
If the student has problems with changing clothes (e.g. in a physical exercise practical activity) due to gender dysphoria, please give consideration to ensure the student can participate smoothly. Please let the student know that if certain conditions are met, the student may be called by a nickname.

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