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Requests When Receiving Academic Support and Accommodation

For academic support/accommodation to be smoothly implemented, students receiving support and accommodation should report to the person in charge of support implementation or the coordinator of the ODE if any problems or inconvenience is encountered in the course of receiving support.

■Application procedure for support and accommodation, and participation in intake interview at the beginning of the semester
Students who wish to receive support in classroom are requested to submit a support application each semester. The deadline and procedure of the application are stated for each semester. When an application is received, an intake interview is held as needed.
Note that it takes time to arrange support and accommodation. Please keep in mind that the start of support/accommodation may be delayed if an application is submitted after the deadline.

■Procedure for a change in support/accommodation during semester
After support/accommodation is implemented and a change must be made, make your request known to the faculty in charge of support or to the ODE in as soon as possible and complete required procedures. If necessary, an interview is held for adjusting support details.

■Rules and procedures for support and accommodation

  • When scheduled support/accommodation becomes no longer necessary or you are unable to attend class on time due to your disability, be sure to notify us beforehand. Regarding classroom support, if a student with disabilities is late for class by more than 30 minutes without prior notice, the support staff is free to leave.
  • Recorded lecture tapes, papers from note-taking, and data from computer-assisted captioning must not be copied and handed to any other person other than student with disabilities receiving such accommodation.
  • After receiving support/accommodation, please report what was especially useful about support received, and if there were any problems/issues in detail and specifically to the support staff and to the coordinator of the ODE.

■Application procedure for support and participation in intake interviews for regular exams
Support/accommodation may differ for exams than from the support/accommodation for classes. For example, during exams, students may require taking exams in a separate room, a change in questioning/answering format, written instructions, etc. Students requesting support/accommodation specifically for exams must contact the faculty in charge of support implementation or the ODE in advance to complete required procedures. If necessary, an interview is held for adjusting details of exam support.

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